At Yewstock we follow a modified National Curriculum, depending on the needs of learners. The introduction of the new National Curriculum in September 2014 gave us an opportunity to amend the curriculum that we teach and to ensure it meets the needs of all learners. We have worked hard towards offering a very personalised and appropriate curriculum, which includes interventions from our Learning Resource Centre for many pupils in the school.

The aim of Yewstock School is to provide the best possible education and experiences to our pupils. All pupils follow subjects of  the National Curriculum, which is modified to meet the needs of the individual, making it very personalised.  The school offers a specialised curriculum to pupils with SLD, PMLD and ASD who are working at early P Levels.  This curriculum is sensory based and includes access to a specialist sensory room.

Teaching groups are small in order to be able to meet the pupils' individual needs.