The School is organised into three Departments:

Primary Department and Early Years Foundation Stage


Pupils spend up to seven years in the Primary Department. They progress from Reception (EYFS) through to Year 6. Classes are grouped according to age and ability, and some pupils will spend more than one year in a class, depending on their individual needs.

Pupils in Reception follow the EYFS curriculum and from Year 1 follow the National Curriculum, which is highly adapted to suit individual needs.


Secondary Department

Science workPupils spend five years in the Secondary Department, three at Key Stage 3 and two at Key Stage 4. Pupils follow the National Curriculum Core and Foundation subjects. Personal, Social and Health Education, Citizenship and Work Related Learning are also taught across the school.


Post-16 Department



In the gardenThis department caters for pupils from 16 -19. It includes two well-equipped classrooms with a Teacher in each class with up to three Teaching Assistants in each, depending on class size and the needs of pupils. From age 16, the pupils follow a curriculum which provides them with accreditation for their achievements and prepares them for adult life.


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Some of the interventions used in Post-16 are-
•    SALT
•    ELSA
•    Cool Zone
•    Drawing and Talking   
•    Physio
•    Hydrotherapy
•    Massage
•    Sensory
•    Health and Beauty
•    Just Say

Skills for independence

A main focus for our students is on helping them to become more independent.  This is done daily with classroom jobs and weekly through community visits, money skills, Food Tech and through various Independent Living and Vocational Skills lessons in the Moving On curriculum.  Another important aspect of this focus is with our use of The DEC at Stourcastle.  At The Disability Education Centre, we work closely with OT, Tracey Brown, to not only access our curriculum, but carry out formal assessments on the abilities of the pupils and tailor programs to fit each of their needs.  Students have a chance to come together outside of the classroom setting to practice such things as cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, road safety, money skills, and skills for work.  An added benefit is that The DEC has been an ideal place for students to link up with other community team members such as social workers and therapists.  Through the generous donations and hard work from the local Rotary Club, the students have made The DEC a home from home.  We have all been enjoying having The DEC as part of Post-16 at Yewstock!


Post 16 use the Equals Moving On curriculum alongside literacy and numeracy lessons twice a week. Enhancements to the curriculum include community trips, PSHE, use of the poly tunnel on school site, use of The DEC at Stourcastle, Food Tech, Art, Communication, Social Skills, P.E, ICT and Music once a week.
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Transition to life after Post-16

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News and Events

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