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School open 20/3/18

We will reopen on Tuesday 20th March.

School closed 19/3/18

Monday 19th March, 7.15am Regrettably we have had to close again today. The roads are still icy and around the school it is dangerous. 

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Yewstock in the snow

This beautiful photo was taken by our Site Manager, Mr Hunt, on the evening of Thursday 1st March.

Yewstock in the snow March 1st 2018

School reopens 5/3/18

Following the snow, the site has been cleared and we will be open again as normal on Monday 5th March. Thank you to Mr Hunt for his work in clearing the snow.

School closed 2/3/18

The school will be closed again on Friday 2nd March due to the severe weather conditions.

School closed 1/3/18

Wednesday 28th February, 11pm

The forecast is for worsening conditions through the day on Thursday 1st March, and with the safety of pupils and staff in mind we will be closed for the day.