Welcome to Yewstock School and College

We aim to give every pupil the very best education in an environment which is kind, supportive and fun.

We are very proud of our school values.

We want everyone to achieve, communicate well, show respect, find joy, strive for excellence and to be kind and caring.

You will find lots of information about the school and what we offer our pupils. We have an excellent outreach programme which supports pupils, families and professionals from other schools.

At Yewstock we have a lot of fun, but we are very serious about our work. We are incredibly proud of our school community and I hope that you get a sense of this as you browse our website.

We also use Facebook. You can use this to keep up with school news, activities and important information. Please use the icon at the top of this page.

Thank you for visiting.

Clive Padgett
Head Teacher

What people say about us

We are rated by Ofsted as outstanding. This is what parents and visitors say.