Nurture Base Grand Opening

After days and weeks of rain, the sun made a rare appearance at the Opening of our new Nurture Base – (known as The Tree House).

Guests from Dorset Council including the Head of Children’s Services and the Premises Team toured the building alongside members of the local community and other special school Heads and leaders and watched as Amanda Davis from Dorset Council cut the ribbon held by School Captains Silver and Tyler.

Clive Padgett, Headteacher started proceedings by saying how privileged he felt at being the Head of Yewstock, spending his day with hardworking, committed, caring and knowledgeable staff who work hard to get the best tools and resources in order to give our children the best education that we can provide.  He went on to say that ‘it’s not just about the building, it’s about the people and the strength and knowledge of our Yewstock team’.

Josh Tun Pe leads the work in the Treehouse and he added the building was intended to be a ‘hybrid of home and school’ for those pupils with attachment needs who will use it to foster positive relationships.  He then said that this could be done without the building but once everyone stepped inside they would see why it was so special.

The building has been in the planning for three years and has been fully supported by Dorset Council. 

Amanda Davis said she was ‘humbled and privileged’ to open the building.

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