Key Stage 3 pupils access Careers Education through weekly lessons in Work-Related Learning. They are introduced to a variety of topics such as Communication, Problem Solving and Teamwork as well as Health and Safety, Taking Responsibility, Developing Skills and Mentoring. These skills will prepare pupils for further career exploration in Key Stage Four.

All Key Stage 4 students take part in our bespoke work-related learning programme called Pathways. Learning focuses on occupations, employability and enterprise. There are three strands to the course: Developing Yourself, World of Work and Employability Skills. These are delivered through a series of workshops both in-house and in the local community and cover a range of occupations. Students take part in several different workshop sessions to suit their ability and their interest. We aim to support students in developing an awareness of self and discovering the purpose and value of working. The purpose of Pathways is to give our young people exposure to the world around them so that they are better able to make well-informed, realistic choices about their future and lead productive, fulfilled lives as adults. Year 11 students who are able to work independently also take part in a two-week work experience in their own local community Monday through Friday during working hours. This is set up in cooperation with parents and carers through a local work experience partnership service. This opportunity allows the students to have a real-life employment experience.

In Key Stage 5, employability and enterprise skills are woven into the daily curriculum. Students have various job responsibilities around the school and college sites and take part in weekly work-related learning in the local community. They have been able to practice their job skills in such placements as shops, grocery stores, cafés and day centres. The Post 16 curriculum offers students the opportunity to develop a variety of skills which will help them as adults and will give them a head start in finding meaningful work, whether this is in a supported work placement, volunteering, or in paid employment.

All students are evaluated termly and assessed on different aspects of careers education appropriate to their key stage. Outcomes for the future, including goals for work and meaningful occupation, are discussed each year in students’ Person-Centred Reviews. Students and parents and carers in Year 9 and above are invited to attend the Teenager 2 Adult Event held annually at Kingston Maurward College. Key Stage 4 and 5 students also have regular access to an Ansbury Careers Adviser and have the opportunity to visit a variety of colleges and places of employment appropriate to their EHCP outcomes. Yewstock is linked with an Enterprise Adviser through the Dorset Careers and Enterprise Company ( Our Enterprise Adviser supports us with community and employer links, providing careers information and assessing the Gatsby Career Benchmarks ( Parents and carers are welcome to contact the school’s Careers Leader with any questions.

Careers Leader- Christine Chadwick

01258 472796