At Yewstock School, we are committed to providing a curriculum which prepares our children and young people for a happy, productive and fulfilled adult life. We encourage them to embrace our values: communicate well; respect everyone; be kind caring and considerate; find joy in learning; and strive for excellence. We nurture independence and endeavour to provide skills which can transfer into all areas of pupils’ lives, now and in the future.

Our curriculum is broad and balanced and retains the statutory elements of the National Curriculum (with the exception of modern foreign languages) through innovative and inspirational teaching which is tailored to meet the needs of the individual. All of our pupils have Education, Health and Care Plans, which help to inform provision; the outcomes are agreed with pupils, parents, school staff and, where appropriate, other professionals.

Pupils are placed in needs-led groups. The classes are either taught by their class teacher for the majority of the timetable with specialist teacher input where appropriate, or for more able pupils, by a range of subject specialists. The time allocation given to each curriculum area is determined by the needs of the class, for example children with autism or complex needs may follow a sensory-led curriculum, whereas those with moderate learning difficulties may spend more time on a range of subjects including Careers

The curriculum is divided into four Curriculum Areas to cover all the subjects:

  • Key Skills to include English/Literacy, Mathematics/Numeracy and Information & Communication Technology
  • Personal and Physical Development to include Personal, Social, Health Education (including sex and relationship education), Physical Education, Life Skills and Food Technology
  • Creative Arts to include Music, Art and Design Technology
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World to include Humanities (Geography, History, RE), Science and Careers.

In addition, we have a Learning Resource Centre to support with one to one and small group learning interventions. Additional support is available, where appropriate, through Speech and Language, Physio and Occupational Therapy (the latter two provided by the NHS).

Learning takes place in the classroom, in the school grounds with our Forest School teacher, out in the local community and on school trips further afield in preparation for adulthood. We use local swimming facilities and riding for the disabled (RDA). Our older students benefit from a classroom in town, our college flat and a local day centre to help them develop independent living skills. Other opportunities include our weekly ‘Carousel’ which gives pupils a chance to try a range of different clubs each term, from Lego to Yoga, and ACE lessons (activities of creativity and exploration). Both Carousel and ACE help our pupils to cultivate hobbies and interests.

At Key Stage 4 and 5 our pupils work towards accredited courses such as Equals Moving On, Entry Level qualifications in English, Maths and Science, and OCR Life and Living Skills as well as having opportunities to gain certificates in areas such as First Aid and Food Hygiene.

We do our utmost to ensure that every pupil makes the best progress they can whilst providing the highest standards of care and nurture so that they develop into well-rounded individuals with an interest in the world around them and a passion for learning.