Evidence for Learning is an online software tool and app which enables Yewstock School staff to record and manage information related to the development and progress of your child.

Yewstock School take photos and videos of your child’s learning and progress towards their Personal Learning Goals.  The most exciting element is that parents can download the ‘Evidence for Learning Family’ (iOS/Android) app which will allow you to see what your child is learning at school.  In addition to this, you will be able to add your own photos and videos to share with the class team what your child has been learning at home too!  This will allow us all to celebrate the child’s achievements and progress at school, home and in the community.

Any use of the Evidence for Learning (EFL) Family app will need to abide by the following Acceptable Use conditions:

Images uploaded to the Evidence for Learning (EFL) family app from school

  • Photos uploaded by staff from school may contain your child within a group of children.
  • Students who are not allowed to be included in photos at school will not be included in group photos.
  • In line with our safeguarding policy, no images from school should be uploaded onto any social media.
  • EfL Family app accounts will be deactivated if school-based images are used on social media.

Parents & Carers – When sharing home based photos and videos with the school please consider:

  • People/children in the photos/images, must have given their consent for the image to be shared with the school.
  • The image/video must be appropriate for school use i.e. clothing/language also consider who or what is in the background of the image.

Further details about the app can be viewed below

EfL Letter to parents

EfL Parents Guide including App download and login instructions

EfL Data Privacy Statement