Leadership and Management Team
Head Teacher – Mr Padgett
Deputy Head Teacher – Mrs Chadwick
Assistant Head, School Site & KS3 Lead – Mrs Daulby
Assistant Head, College Site & KS4 Lead – Mr Turner
School Business Manager – Mrs Serlin
PA to Head Teacher – Mrs Green
KS1 Lead- Miss Sedgwick
KS2 Lead – Mrs Briggs
KS5 Lead – Mr Maher

Key Staff
Site Manager – Mr Hunt
Senior Admin Officer – Mrs Morgan
Finance and Senior Admin Officer – Mrs Burton
Admin Officer – Mrs Slater

Senior ICT Systems Technician – Mr Dawe
Family Support Advisor – Ms Kellaway-Moore
Careers Leader – Mr Turner
Principal Teaching Assistants – Ms Bee & Ms Witcher

Subject/Area Leaders
English – Mandy Marks
Reading – Rebecca Sedgwick
Communication – Jules Daulby
Maths – Caroline Latimer
PSHE – Claire Donohoe
Science – Oliver Turner
Art – Naomi Haydon
Technology – Ben Healy
Music – Lucie Oatey
Humanities – Kevin Viney
Religious Education (RE) – Aimee Brown
Physical Education (PE) – Karl Whittick
Outdoor Learning- Morgwen Adams
Careers Education – Oliver Turner

Complex Needs – Stephanie Sanders
Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) – Sam McMillan
Attachment – Josh Tun Pe
Whole School Behaviour – Emily Briggs
Person-Centred Approaches – Tom Maher

Therapeutic Thinking Tutors
Oliver Turner, Tom Maher, Emily Briggs, Jules Daulby, Kirsty Bee, Rebecca Sedgwick, Tracey Witcher

Attachment Lead
Joshua Tun Pe

TLR Holders
KS1 Lead- Rebecca Sedgwick
KS2 Lead – Emily Briggs
KS5 Lead – Tom Maher
Assessment – Kevin Viney
Curriculum Development – Claire Donohoe
Mental Health and Wellbeing – Josh Tun Pe

Earlybird Tutors
Ms Kellaway-Moore
Mrs Ayliffe