We believe in inclusive education for children across North Dorset. We aim to support children to remain in schools in their local community wherever possible. To acheive this, Yewstock School has developed a full range of outreach support for schools across North Dorset.

We use the knowledge, skills and experience of our teachers and teaching assistants to offer advice and support on a number of issues affecting children including:

Behaviour, inclusion, support for ASD, curriculum, support for physical needs, and assessment, but this is by no means exhaustive!

Staff from schools may also find it beneficial to visit our school to build on their knowledge and experience of working with children with special needs.

The outreach service is now run on behalf of the Dorset Special Schools by TADSS at Westfield School. Please contact Clare Mackavoy, TADSS Outreach Coordinator to find more details on: 01305 833518, or email TADSS@westfield.dorset.sch.uk