We provide a termly support provision for our young people and their parents and carers, preparing for transition into adulthood and from Yewstock. It is called P-Pod Café, with the 4 ‘Ps’ representing the 4 components we bring together in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere – Pupils, Parents, Professionals and Providers.

We continue to invite various professionals from a range of backgrounds and areas of expertise to deliver information, answer questions and provide support for now and the future.  It is also a good opportunity for parents and carers to meet up and support each other.  Previous professionals and providers include: Financial Planners, Learning Disabilities Team, Dorset Parent-Carer Council, Dorset Health Care, Transition Support Providers, Dorset Social Care, Independent Careers Advisors, and various placement providers.

Please see the ‘News’ section of the school website or school Facebook page to keep up to date with news on upcoming P-Pod Café events.