Some of our pupils attract additional funding from the Government, called the ‘Pupil Premium’. We have to plan carefully how to use this funding in order to give the best support to these pupils in order to raise their attainment. We aim to provide a personalised approach for all our pupils, but the Pupil Premium helps us to do this for those who receive it. At Yewstock we use the pupil premium in a number of ways:

  • We provide specific interventions for identified pupils who will benefit from more intensive support, such as Cool Zone (for developing motor skills), Drawing and Talking (an art therapy approach to emotional difficulties) and ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants). For further details of these please see below.
  • We support pupils who have difficulties with funding educational visits, so that they have equal access to these important activities.
  • We improve access to the curriculum by targeted support from our Learning Mentors, who work with individuals and groups of pupils to raise attainment in identified areas.
  • For certain pupils the funding may be used to purchase a piece of equipment to support them with their work in class.

To view the latest Yewstock School Pupil Premium Strategy Statement, please click on the following link: