We are a Read Write Inc (RWI) school following the programme through from EY to Post 16 where required. From year 7 we use Fresh Start which is a phonics and comprehension programme designed for older pupils. 

Read Write Inc is a systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) programme which is evidence based and shown to the best way to teach decoding to ensure early reading skills. 

The Oxford Reading Tree and RWI books are our main reading programmes. We also use Phonic Books who offer age-appropriate decodable books for our older learners who are still emerging reading.   

We follow the five reading pillars, phonemic awareness, phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency.  In addition, Professor Snowling’s reading research showing that reading requires, phonics and phonological awareness to decode and narrative, active listening and vocabulary to understand.  To ensure we cover all reading components, Yewstock school offers the following to supplement RWI:

Black Sheep narrative programme for all pupils

The Nuffield Early Language Intervention (NELI) in early years and KS1. 

Active listening skills across the school. 

The school’s own vocabulary programme PHOSSIL written by Gill Howard.