Please feel free to download our policies below by clicking on the links.

Paper copies are available free of charge by contacting the School Office.

Acceptable Use of Mobile Phones

Accessibility Plan

Admissions Policy

Allegations Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

Assessment & Feedback and Marking

Attendance Policy (Pupil)

Behaviour Support Policy (Pupil)

Bursary Fund Policy

Capability Policy School-Based Employees

Capability Policy School-Based Teaching Employees

Careers Education Programme Policy

Charging & Remissions Policy

Children in Care Policy

Code of Conduct For Safe Working Practices

Code of Conduct Policy (Staff)

Complaints Policy

CPD Policy

Curriculum Policy

Data Protection and GDPR Policy

Early Career Teacher (ECT)

Educational Visits Policy

Email Policy

Ensuring a Good Education

Enterprise Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Exclusion Policy

Exclusion Guide for Parents

E-Safety Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Intimate Care Policy

ITE-ITT Policy

Menopause Policy

Nut Allergy Policy

Pay Policy – Non-Teaching Employees

Pay Policy – Teaching Employees

Prevent Policy

Recruitment & Selection Policy

Relationships and Sex Education Policy

Remote Teaching & Learning Policy

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

School Dog Policy

SEN Policy

Sexting Policy

SMSC Policy

Statement on Provider Access

Single Equality Policy

Teacher Professional Performance & Growth Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

Work Experience Policy