Key Stage 3

Transitioning to Secondary

Our Secondary Department is Key Stage 3, comprising Years 7, 8 & 9.  It is located on the main school site with Primary and therefore important for our pupils to identify as being in the Secondary phase.  For our learners following a Formal curriculum route, this means they move from a Primary model to a Secondary style with a tutor group and specialist subject teachers.  Pupils experience subjects such as English, maths, music, design and technology (DT) and art taught by specialists.  Additionally, there are dedicated subject spaces with superb facilities such as a fully equipped DT workshop, an ICT suite and a music studio.

Our pupils who learn through a Semi-formal curriculum route will also experience discrete subjects using sensory stories developed across the curriculum.  Yewstock School prides itself on developing communication skills while ensuring students receive their entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum. Lessons are delivered using the Primary model of one classroom with an expert teacher and dedicated team creating a curriculum that is relevant and accessible.

Key Stage 3 is also a time for our pupils to begin taking on responsibilities.  This may be as simple as clearing chairs after assembly and tidying the library. Other pupils may visit Primary classes to play and read with our younger learners.

All these experiences allow our Key Stage 3 pupils to identify as being in a Secondary phase while slowly developing their independence and focusing on their personal learning goals.