Sensory curriculum

Some of our pupils require a curriculum that is based on sensory experiences and need. These pupils follow a sensory based curriculum tailored to individual needs. We encompass physiotherapy, SaLT and OT activities and/or guidance within everyday activities. We teach curriculum subjects through activities that involve lots of exploration in different materials and media, widening the range of experiences and textures that they are exposed to as and when they are ready. These materials enable the pupils to explore whilst developing key motor skills, alongside pre-literacy and numeracy skills.

Sensory Support

Some students may appear to be excessively active, fidgeting, mouthing, disorganised, distracted or irritable.  Just as often, others may appear lethargic, unenergetic, unmotivated and bored.  These may be signs of a Sensory Processing difficulty which can be an obstacle to learning. Sensory Processing is the brain’s ability to register sensory input, filter out irrelevant information and respond appropriately to what is important.  In order for our students to access learning at school as well as daily routines and tasks, they need to be in a ‘just right state’.  Sensory Support is an intervention that takes the 7 senses into account (the usual 5 plus proprioception and vestibular) when suggesting activities to help achieve that ‘just right state’.