Nurture provision addresses children’s SEMH needs through targeted activities including academic teaching, and targeted living skills work, designed to help children develop vital social skills, resilience, confidence and self-respect. The children work in small groups or 1:1 on focused activities relating to their social-emotional needs, personal learning goals or living skills target. The children are with their classes for tutor times and the majority of their core subjects. The number of sessions that the children attend the programme for over the course of a term is eventually phased out, but they remain supported by the nurture staff, ensuring they are transferring the skills learnt in the provision successfully into the classroom context. Nurture provision also has an associated OT who supports the group with BUSS (building underdeveloped sensorimotor systems) model programmes. The provision aims to impact in areas of need at home as well and Individual Action Plans are collaboratively planned with class teams and home.


Here at Yewstock School we are excited to announce the launch of the MOVE Programme, which will complement the physiotherapy already provided in school. The MOVE Programme is an integrated, multi-agency (Education, Health, Social Care) approach for children and young adults with physical disabilities and/or complex needs, which works towards personal, and functional goals set by the participant and their family. This approach enables the development of lifelong physical, cognitive and communication skills leading to increased independence, inclusion and ultimately, improved quality of life.

MOVE underpins all other areas of learning, is recognised as a priority, and is the responsibility of, and therefore taught by, everyone who supports the child/young person here at Yewstock School.

The MOVE Co-ordinator is Jeni Pike and can be contacted by emailing or phoning 01258 472796.