Class One Poems

Last term Class One were given a task…. to write an acrostic poem about an animal of their choice to be entered into a competition. 

“To inspire our writing we thought about animals we have seen, pets or animals outside or in zoos.  We used books and photos to come up with our ‘star words’ (adjectives) to describe the animals.  We used small world play to act out the characteristics of the animals and we were able to come up with phrases such as ‘the sleepy lion’.”

“We each picked an animal that we wanted to write about; some of us picked our pets (Betty the dog J), some of us wrote about our favourite dinosaurs and we even wrote about unicorns and Godzilla!!”

“Rebecca explained that an acrostic poem is where the first letter of each line has to spell out a word, in this case, our animal.  This was a tricky job and meant we had to use our ‘star words’ and lots of books to help with our writing.”

I am delighted and proud to announce that the poems are to be published in a book.  Class One worked really hard on these over two weeks of literacy work, each child whose poem was selected has a certificate at school!

Well done to you all.

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