Parent Information Regarding Controversial App & New TikTok Trend

A new gaming App for phones has recently been released called Crunch Line Chronicles. It is a game about running a County Lines (Crunch) operation.  The Police are investigating whether any action can be done about it.  It appears to have an in-chat facility which would enable grooming/recruitment.

Another TikTok ‘trend’ is going around which has been brought to our attention by Dorset Police –Megan is Missing is a 2011 film (filmed in 2006 but not distributed until 2011) that has graphic scenes of murder, rape and sexual abuse.

It has gone viral and become popular and teenagers are beginning to discuss this and post videos on TikTok saying “don’t watch it”… so they’re watching it.

It’s banned in New Zealand.

Please be aware when listening to your children and Act to stop distribution.

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