Yewstock School would like to give a massive thanks and a mention to Dan Baxter. 

It has been a year since Dan Baxter (Kartman) donated his first Go Kart to Yewstock School.  Since then we have received 2 more pedal Karts, 4 bikes, an electric car, 4 pedal tractors and a rocking horse that took Mary to Bethlehem in Giraffes nativity. 

Dan refurbishes the items and passes them on to any deserving cause that would appreciate them.  His aim is to get kids away from the screen and outdoors in the fresh air.  The drive to do this is from his own school days when he suffered from undiagnosed anxiety around school, which left him as an adult with periods of depression.   

The refurbs include stripping items down and taking them apart, welding, painting and then putting them carefully back together again.  During lockdown Dan admits that this kind of activity helped him stem off his own low moods.  He seems to have developed a soft spot for helping Yewstock but has donated to other schools, nurseries and privately. 

On his last visit Rudy presented him with his latest thank you card for his much-appreciated gifts. 

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