Supporting your children and young people with their emotions

Great resource from the NSPCC for supporting your children and young people with their emotions!
Children are faced with so many different emotions throughout their life, which they may not know how to deal with. And we’re only just starting to see what impact the pandemic and lockdown have had on their mental health.

That’s why the NSPCC, together with child psychotherapists and mindfulness experts, have created Amazing Me Codebreakers. This monthly subscription pack, aimed at children aged 5-9, is full of activities, missions and games which teach the child in your life how to crack the code to their emotions, and grow in confidence.*&utm_content=AmazingMe+AdestraEmail+Aug20&ac=229805&utm_source=Adestra&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Get%20Amazing%20Me%20today&utm_campaign=20220307_IG_AmazingMe_Cross-sell%20%2AE1073%20RESEND

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