SAMEE Charity Business Enterprise Day

The SAMEE (Support And Mentoring Enabling Entrepreneurship) Charity generously spent the day with our Key Stage 4 students for a whole-day Business Enterprise Careers Day. Students worked on creating a hotel business and learned about all of the jobs and skills needed for it to work and be successful. They talked about the job of the architect, the builders, and the graphic designers who work on the hotel logo and brochures. They learned about the hotel landscapers and designed their own gardens. Students designed the layout of their hotels, the staff uniforms and learned a bit about what people in Human Resources do. They even had a go at folding flannels into animals! The event gave students the opportunity to think about a variety of jobs and  It was a very interesting and fun-filled day expanding on our knowledge of different jobs in hospitality and business and raising aspirations. Thank you to The SAMEE Charity Team!

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