Parents and Carers Update 09/10/20

Dear Parents and Carers,

Clear Masks – This week we received free clear masks from the Wiltshire and Dorset Deaf Association (WDDA) to support our children with hearing impairments. We were so pleased we bought lots more from them for staff to wear to support other children with communication difficulties

The WDDA have told us they can provide clear masks free to any of our families who may live with someone who is deaf or hard of hearing.

Their website is It would be great to support their ‘Make It Clear’ campaign – many thanks to Zoe and the team for your work.

Covid-19 Test – Please be sure to tell if your child has symptoms and is being tested, we need to know this as soon as possible so that we can plan to keep everyone safe. If you have a test you must tell us the results before your child can return to school. I am sure you will all understand how vital this information is for all families, staff and children at Yewstock.

Mobile Phones – We do not let adults or children use their mobile phones at school, this is a key safeguarding measure which protects all of our children here at Yewstock. There have been a number of high profile safeguarding incidents in at other schools in recent times where phones have been used to take and send pictures. If you allow your child to come into school with a mobile phone, then they must hand it in at the office or to their class teacher. Adults are not allowed to use their phones in class, and visitors must not use phones in school.

Many thanks for your support on this

Clive Padgett

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